Pregnancies: 3, Children: 0

That’s the stats for one of my patients seen today at the Repheka Clinic at Carrefour Feuilles. The children were born healthy, but died later on; the oldest one at the age of six-months, the second one at the age of two years, and the third one at the age of two days. She showed me the picture of her second child, clear-skinned just like her and looking healthy. What happened? What were the causes of death? She couldn’t tell; they (doctors or nurses) didn’t really tell her. Many times, physicians fail to tell patients why things happen to them or why they have to follow a specific treatment. At age 30, she’s pregnant now for the fourth time. This time, this kid better live. That’s what I told her, which brought a smile on her round face. I referred her to our OBGYN specialist, Dr. Macmy St Hilaire. Make sure you come on Wednesdays, that’s when he’s here. I told her. And when your child is born, you’ll see Dr. Wiguens Ilorme, our Petiatrician. But I’ll keep an eye on her, and in my prayers, to make sure that both mom and baby get the best possible care. Five years from now, I want her stats to be: Pregnancies: 5, Children: 2. What a blessing it would be!