Time Away

Time away from the Repheka Clinics. Time to reflect on strategies. Strategies to keep it going. To serve better. To go after new funding. To meet potential supporters.

Medications free of charge

At the Repheka clinics, one of our main strategies for keeping our services accessible to all is giving patients medications free of charge. Thus, with only $1.20, which is the fee for a visit, a patient can come to the clinic, see a doctor, and go home with the medications that he needs to get well.

Day to day

Saturday AM: Travel…From one airport to another…from one country to another…from one world to another…from Haiti, with its distinct, uniform culture to the United States where multiple cultures are in display in all walks of life.

Saturday PM: Three hours in a plane…bored…too much time to think.

Saturday Night: Home, first or second? The rooms seem small and the ceiling low.

Sunday AM: Sunday service…Hugging friends…smiling…Great sermon…What a sweet feeling!

Sunday PM: Dining with friends…great food…nice conversations…another sweet feeling!

Monday AM: Computer…work.

Monday PM: writing this post.

Only Faith

In July, I’ve written about a young man with urinary condition. After seven surgeries, he was still unable to control his micturition. I’ve seen him again this week. He was scheduled to have his eighth surgical intervention, but at the last minute the American urologists decide not to do the surgery and refer him to a team of Haitian surgeons. This unforeseen change has sent him into an instant state of despair. Now he doesn’t know what to do. He’s not certain that the surgeons can succeed in his surgery. But he has no other option.