Listening to charlatans

One morning, at the Repheka Clinic of Pernier, a young man with a urinary tract infection told me that he has taken a medication that he bought from a “marketing” seller. Those “marketing” sellers push medications and other health products in public transportation. It’s a great strategy to get an attentive audience. Stranded in traffic, people have no choice but listening to charlatans.

My patient was in a bus, on his way to a town outside of Port-au-Prince. After the first quarter of the one-hour drive, a man in his forties stood up, introduced himself to the passengers, and began talking about medications, which he pulled one by one as he presented them. After a thirty-minute talk, he invited people to buy his satisfaction-guarantee products.

Here comes the sun

In Haiti, the sun is there, in your face, everywhere, and every day. It’s not as the Beatles say in their song, Here Comes the Sun.

“Little darling It's been a long, cold lonely winter”.
No, it’s not. We got no winter here. It’s just cool and dry from November to February.

“It feels like years since it's been here.”
No, it’s been here all the time, and we love it.

“The smiles returning to the faces.”
I don’t know about that; children do smile, but with the craziness around here, it’s just hard for adults to smile.

At least we have the sun. And one day the smiles will come…