Elephanthiasis Pill Distribution

The Ministry of Health's pill distribution program against Elephanthiasis is back. Since last month, many distribution points have been set up in the West department. Some areas are in their second round, others in their third one. Whoever plans staying in Haiti for a long time should take these pills. Elephanthiasis is a debilitating disease that takes years to develop; therefore, its diagnosis is difficult and usually late. Prevention is the best cure for it. Below, there's a picture of a patient with Elephanthiasis; he was seen at the Repheka Clinic of Carrefour Feuilles.

New friends

So far, 2013 has been great for us at the Repheka Clinics.

On the first week of February, we had welcomed Dr. Larry Stack, emergency medicine and associate professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, and deacon at the Bible Community Church (BCC); Pastor Jon Moffit (BCC); Jason Johnson, deacon at BCC; Dr. Christian Rhea, rheumatology and deacon at BCC; Dr. Phil Stack, gastroenterology; Judith Moffit, critical care nurse; Amber Newell, pediatric nurse; Marie Goss, labor and delivery nurse; and three college students: Clair Kassebaum, Michael Kelley, and Iris Chiang. During the day, the team provided patients with upper endoscopic procedures (under general anesthesia), and during the night bible conference to leaders of the First Haitian Baptist Church at Pernier. The members of this team paid their way to Haiti, brought in drug and medical supplies, and shared the life-transforming gospel of Christ with us. We are forever grateful to them for their spirit of care, compassion, and sacrifice.