Help from ACF

ACF (Action Contre la Faim),, an international non-profit organization, is renovating the sanitary structures (toilets and water supplies) at the Repheka Clinic of Carrefour Feuilles. It’s part of an effort in helping community health centers function in better sanitary conditions and thus protect staff and patients against Cholera and other water and food borne diseases. We are very grateful for this much needed help. However, a few weeks before the start of the work, a regretful event occurred: People stole bowls, lavabos, and timber from an ACF truck loaded with construction materials, right in front of the Clinic.

Though different reasons were ventured to explain and make sense of such awful behaviors, it’s just not acceptable. Demonizing the ONGs, as it’s been carried on openly by the public and private sectors, plays its role in the contempt expressed by many Haitians toward these organizations. 

The action of these thieves speaks volume of the sorry state of citizenry in Haiti, of social responsibility, and of plain decency. In addition, bystanders stood idly as the thieves grabbed and pulled whatever they wanted from the truck, as if stealing from ONG is not stealing. It is, and in this case it’s also preventing the Clinic’s patients from getting safe water supply and clean toilets.

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