Summer in Haiti

The heat is on...It's really hot, here, in Port-au-Prince. Thanks God we have electricity, thus a fan to keep our bedroom temperature tolerable. Unfortunately, most people in Haiti either don't have electricity or don't have a fan. Think of the thousands who still live under tents. Imagine you were one of them. There you are, night in and night out, lying in the dark, sweating bullets, mosquitoes buzzing in your ears. Daytime is hard here, nighttime too. Not just for you, but for your children too, if you have any. They'll get sick, from the heat, from mosquitoes, from lice, and from life itself. You'll bring them to the clinics tomorrow morning, early, so they can have a chance to get some much-needed medications.

Tomorrow morning, I'm scheduled to be at the Repheka Clinic at Carrefour Feuilles, and I'll remember the scorching night we'd had all.